HSHS EpicCare Link

HSHS offers qualifying organizations the opportunity to obtain necessary medical record information for continuity of care and billing through an internet based access to our medical records system called EpicCare Link (“ECL”).

Qualifying organizations are organizations that share a common patient with the hospital and have been approved by the hospital to receive access. Some examples of the types of organizations that would qualify are: physician offices, nursing homes, dialysis centers, hospitals, organ donation agencies, and home health agencies.

If you are interested in obtaining access to our ECL system for your organization please follow the steps below to request access.

Step 1 -  EpicCare Link Site Level Agreement

Your organization is required to have an EpicCare Link Site Level Agreement with HSHS. Please click here to download the HSHS EpicCare Link Site Level Agreement.

Please Note:
  • Agreements must only be signed by a person having signature authority for your organization.
  • The “Participant” blank should be completed with your organization’s legal name.
  • If you are a Government, Third Party or Payer, please contact the EpicCare Link site level agreement contact listed below in the "Contact Us" section.
  • Completed contracts should be returned to CID-EpicCareLinkAccess@hshs.org.

Step 2 - Identify a Designated “Site Administrator”

  • Your site administrator will have the authority to add/remove users for your organization.
  • A site administrator is usually an office manager level or above.
Note: If you are not the designated site administrator for your organization, do not proceed further. Please contact your site administrator.

Step 3 -  Request “Site Administrator” Access

If you are the designated site administrator for your organization/department and have already completed the HSHS EpicCare Link Site Level Agreement, please click on the link below. Please note your request will be denied if you haven’t completed Step 1.

Click on link below to access Self Registration Form

Self Registration Form

  • Complete all required fields.
  • Your request will be reviewed for accuracy, completeness and appropriateness.
  • We may contact you if we have questions.
  • You will receive your user ID and temporary password via email.
Note: User access requests take approximately 7-14 business days to complete

Helpful Handouts

Contact Us

  • For password and EpicCare Link technical issues contact the HSHS Helpdesk:
    (877) 403-4357 or EpicHelpDesk@hshs.org
  • To request training contact Client Services Executive – Kathy Hamilton (217) 899-6052 or kathy.hamilton@hshs.org
  • For EpicCare Link site level agreement questions contact Division Responsibility Director/Privacy Officer – Heather Shankland (217) 814-7056 or CID-EpicCareLinkAccess@hshs.org

Click on link below to access EpicCare Link

HSHS EpicCare Link